Quartz carpet or strizo or stone carpet is a system of decorative coating which consists of colored quartz or natural sand in different granulometries, mixed with special resins. It gives a nice feel of natural sand and it creates a slip-resistant pore-filled surface. Because of its composition, this material is especially durable, totally waterproof, easy to clean and it does not create a breeding ground for bacteria.
The thickness of the quartz carpet varies from 3 to 20 millimeters, depending on the granulometry of your choice and it does not require expansion joints. One of its properties is the high endurance it has to chemical and mechanical abuse, even when it is outdoors, it does not require maintenance and it is easy to clean with alkaline soap and warm water. The great color variety comes from the color cast of the quartz of the pre-made composition of natural sand.

Here you can see the most popular color codes but do not hesitate to ask us about the color of your preference as we can produce the color of your choice, without it being on the colorcard. The countless color combinations of your choice, for a unique outcome, have a particular interest.
We can also create the logo of a company or the design of your choice.
Its most widespread application regards indoor and outdoor flooring, kitchen counters, and even pools, where we want to avoid the conventional aesthetic of tiles.
Optical fibers can be incorporated in the quartz coating, creating quite a spectacular visual effect. We can also add special glitter or rhinestones or Swarovski-type gemstones, for even shinier results.

  • High quality against competitive cost: One of its characteristics is the high durability to chemical and mechanical abuse, under outdoor condition. It has a competitive relation between its cost and the benefits it has, it does not require maintenance and it can easily be cleaned with alkaline soap and warm water.
  • High aesthetic: It creates a single, monolithic surface (without joints) in a big variety of natural and artificial shades. It gives the ability to create designs and logos as well as to incorporate optical fibers.

  • Total flexibility: For new constructions or refurbishments, it is characterized by a classic texture in modern or conventional colors. It can be combined with a system of floor heating, while the installation is “clean”, without mud and patching up. It also has a minimum layer thickness in comparison to other coatings.
  • It fits everywhere: It can be used on house floorings or in business facilities, indoor and outdoor walls, yards, porches, pool surroundings, bathrooms, kitchen counters, stairs and corridors. It is ideal for safety & sanitary flooring, as well as for parking lots and car showrooms.


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